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Tooltip and Modules

I am fairly new to EVLUI / TUKUI. I use one client, my wife the other. For a UI that is so unbelievably customizable, (really truly amazing and enjoyable gaming experience overall) it is pretty linear with common items. My question involves mostly the tooltip. I have turned off everything I can with it, the entire module in-fact, and would like to use a tiny addon instead. Yet Font size, visibility, and opacity are still effected. How do I disable all of this and just let the other tooltip addon have control? Font sizing through the game is not very uniform, a size of 14 in a unit tooltip isn't bad. 14 on a bar, makes for a large block that covers up other things, and to change one apparently changes them all. Other modules mimic this same action. Say for example Nameplates. The module is off, yet unless i turn it on, and go into each section, and then sub / subsection and turn off everything I don't want, those options still reflect in game. Shouldn't the de-selected module eliminate everything included under it? Can I remove script files to eliminate this? Or are there additional setting options I am missing?

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