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Elvui - Party/Raid/Raid-40 visibility

hey all,

this is not a question but more of information I've seen multiple look for (including myself).

In the end I figured out my ideal set up.

I wanted to show party frames when i'm in a party but show Raid frames as soon as the party got converted to raid, no matter how many people were in it.

In Unitframes => Group Units => Party => Visibility, i put this
[@raid2,exists][nogroup] hide;show

In Unitframes => Group Units => Raid => Visibility, i put this
[@raid2,noexists][@raid26,exists] hide;show
What this does is it looks for @raid Group 2. If it doesn't exists, it hides the raid frame

I disabled Raid-40

This shows me party frames whenever I'm in a party and shows me raid frames the moment the party converts to raid.

Hopefully this helps anyone.

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