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Gift of the Wild Rank 3 Not Available in Aura Selection

You don't select a spell to add it, you add in the spellid.

For GoW3, do the following:
1. Under filters, select filter "Aura Indicator (Class)" -- assuming, you're on your druid.
2. Verify that you're on the right filter, by clicking the arrow for Select Spell, and verifying that the other two GoW spells are there.
3. Add GoW3 by entering "26991" (without the quotes) into the "Add SpellID" box, then click Ok.
4. GoW3 should now be selectable. Do so, and configure the settings to match the other GoW spells. For me, the settings were thus:
--Enabled (duh)
--Anchor Point: TOPLEFT
--Colored Icon, color = 33cccc (or 51, 204, 204)
--Show Aura From Other Players selected.