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TBC Beta

Plz Make It Wrk Gud

Also tbc has addons released and all i want is elvui in my life.

I've lived long enough with the stock ui please save me.

TBC Beta

Addons have only been enabled for TBC Beta.

ElvUI has started to be worked on, but there is not a released copy yet. When it is ready and stable, we will release it and let everyone know.

Please do not ask when it will be ready, or report any bugs with TBC ElvUI.

TBC Beta

ElvUI TBC Beta

The git repository is hidden and will be hidden until the code is stable enough to allow testers. (ie There is no access to ElvUI TBC Beta)

You can still use the Discord ticket tool if you need git account approval but this will not grant you access to the beta branch.

You do not need a git account once it is ready for testing.