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Nameplates > Style FIlter > Trigger > Reaction Type: Hostile/Neutral (Not working)

HI All,

Im trying to setup a filter that removes the health bar for any enemy when its not in combat and at 100% health. I've done this by setting up the following triggers:

Targeting: Not Targeted
Unit Conditions: Out of Combat
Health Threshold: Over Health Threshold: 99%
Unit Type: Enemy NPC
Reaction Type: Hostile

With the following Actions:
Name Only
Text Format > Name: [name:health{ffff00}]

This does not work, there seems to be an issue with the Reaction Type: Hostile trigger. If I select Reaction Type: Neutral instead, this will include all Hostile and Neutral mobs.
Its strange because the color glow outline of the mobs is correct (yellow for neutral, red for hostile), and the health bars are correctly colored to yellow/red. I only have this issue with Style Filter. For now am able to select Neutral and make all enemy names red since Neutral seem to include both, but I really want to make another filter and set neutral mob names to yellow font. :(

Any ideas? Is this a bug? You can easily replicate it by setting a trigger for hostile mobs with an any action. I have not testing this outside of Shadowlands.