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[Buff Indicators] Party Totem Buffs

Hey all,

Currently playing a Shaman on Classic and moving forward in Classic TBC and while i have my UI set up and all is working well, There is one thing i am unable to get working.

I am unable to have my Totems displayed as Buff Indicators (I know Grid2 does this, So would assume it would be built into ElvUI) so assuming i am missing something. I would like to be able to tell if my party members are receiving my Totem Buffs and/or are in range by utilizing the Buff Indicators on Party/Raid Frames. I am currently only able to find Ancestral Guidance etc on the indicators.

Hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction so as not to have to download extra add-ons.


[Buff Indicators] Party Totem Buffs

If the buffs give an aura to other players, mouse over the buff (either at the minimap, or target unitframe) get the aura id from the tooltip and add the aura id to the aura indicators.