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Reporting Errors with Classic ElvUI

1. Check the Known Issues, FAQ to check if it is listed here - linked here viewtopic.php?f=40&t=6834 (Also search to see if someone else hasn't already reported the issue search.php )
2. Version number of ElvUI.
3. Disable all addons and test with only ElvUI. To quickly disable all other addons, type in chat in game /luaerror on. Do you get the issue with ONLY ElvUIenabled?
4. Do you get any errors? If so, post the first error.
5. Disable all addons and check with the Blizzard UI. Does it occur with the Blizzard UI?
6. What is the issue you are having. How do you recreate it.
7. Type in chat in game /estatus and upload a full UI screenshot to show the issue and the status panel

You can copy the template below to use.

2. Version number of ElvUI

3. Do you have the issue with only ElvUI?

4. Do you get any errors, if so post.

5. Do you have the issue with only the Blizzard UI?

6. What is the issue and how to recreate.

7. Full UI screenshot showing the issue and the status panel (/estatus)
I always recommend backing up your WTF folder - where your profiles/settings for all addons, including ElvUI are stored.

Reporting Errors with Classic ElvUI

We have opened our Ticket Tracker for ElvUI Classic. If you have any errors or future request you can post here: https://git.tukui.org/elvui/elvui-classic/issues

Before you open a ticket read our Ticket Policy: https://git.tukui.org/elvui/elvui-class ... ket-policy
Failure to abide by the above rules will likely result in your ticket being closed immediately. You can either fix the issues and re-open the ticket, or you can create a new ticket and make sure to follow the directions properly this time.

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