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[Classic] Threat indicator on Unit frames

(posted in the wrong section im sorry, was locked then)


Is it currently possible to enable by some way an indicator on the unit frames when someone is having threat ?

As healing it's really useful for pre casting and stuff.

Since the last update it looks like the only thing missing for me :) Everything else is awesome, don't even need grid or any healing addons to do the job.

If it isnt, is it something that is planned to be added in the future ?

Thanks !

[Classic] Threat indicator on Unit frames

Magoo76 wrote: Tue Oct 22, 2019 12:50 pm Hey everyone, I'm also wondering how to show players that are being targeted by enemies on raid frames.

@Xdrt how do you do that please ? :)

Thanks !
Would like to know this too... would be quite useful as a healer (Shielding etc...)