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ElvUI Classic - FAQ and Quick Guides

Frequently Asked Questions and quick guides about ElvUI Classic

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• None

• Heal Prediction API only works on direct heals, which means HoTs are broken
• See https://github.com/Stanzilla/WoWUIBugs/issues/163


Current version of ElvUI Classic?
You can check the latest version and read the changelog here: https://www.tukui.org/classic-addons.php?id=2
Please check your version number on top of /ec or /estatus against the most recent version!

My ElvUI doesn't load / I can't open my ElvUI options / ElvUI broken after update
Don't install AddOns while WoW is running. WoW doesn't register addon changes until you exit the game and restart it.
Check the capitalization of your ElvUI folders, case matters: "ElvUI" and "ElvUI_OptionsUI"

Can I use my retail profile in Classic?
Yes you can! Just export your retail profile ( /ec • Profiles • Export Profile • Export Now ) and import it
in ElvUI Classic ( /ec • Profiles • Import Profile • Import Now ) and you are good to go.


How can I add more chat windows?
Rightclick your "General" tab • Create New Window • Set Name • Accept

Can I get more chat windows attached to the right panel?
No, you can only have one dock. Blizzard doesn't support 2 docks.
You can only use 1 window on the 2nd dock.

Chat issues? Editbox bugged? Colors bugged? Try the following:
Open the ElvUI options, click on "Install" at the bottom.
Skip all steps except (2) CVars and (3) Chat.
Skip to the end and click "Finished"
Chat Addon conflicts: Prat, Leatrix Combat Log Hide, Chatter, Glass


How can I see the happiness of my pet on my hunter?
Use either [happiness:full] or [happiness:icon] or [happiness:discord] as a custom tag
Set it up here: /ec • UnitFrames • Pet • Custom Texts • Create Custom Text • Type "Happiness Pet" • Add one of the tags in the "Text Format" field.

How do I display numbers other than percentages on mobs?
Go to UnitFrames • Target • Health and replace your "Text Format" with [health:current]
You can do the same for enemy NPC nameplates: NamePlates • Enemy NPC • Health • "Text Format": [health:current]

Is there a built-in weapon swing timer or enemy swing timer in ElvUI?
No, we suggest to use a simple progress bar WeakAura or a lightweight AddOn for this feature.

How do I use the abilities of a mindcontrolled enemy?
The mind control and possess bar is your pet bar. Make sure to enable it at ActionBars • Pet Bar


What are those little squares on my UnitFrames?
BuffIndicators for your class buffs, hots and shields. You can edit them here:
Filters • Select Filter • BuffIndicator • Select Spell

How can I disable / enable text (durations) on my Buff Indicators?
Filters • "Select Filter" • BuffIndicator • "Select Spell" • Spell Name & Rank • Display Text

I can't see most debuffs / buffs on my frames, how to show them again?
UnitFrames -> Unit -> Buffs/Debuffs -> Filters -> Min/Maximum Duration -> Set both to 0
UnitFrames -> Unit -> Buffs/Debuffs -> Filter Priority
If you want to see all Buffs/Debuffs use the following Filter Priority
1) Blacklist 2) Personal 3) NonPersonal
How to set up Filters (Guide): viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2

How can I display energy ticks and mp5 ticks?
Enable UnitFrames • Individual Units • Player • Power • Energy/Mana Regen Tick


How can I increase my nameplate distance in Classic?
You can't increase it in Classic. Blizzard locked them to 20 yards max.

I have only default Blizzard nameplates for friendly units in instances, any fix for this?
Blizzard controls friendly nameplates in dungeons and raids. Addons can't touch them.

My non-target nameplates are faded or don't show at all, where can I edit that?
Step 1: NamePlates • General Options • Reset CVars
Step 2: NamePlates • Style Filter • Select Filter • (1) ElvUI_NonTarget • Actions • Alpha • Set to -1


How to make a Style Filter for civilian NPCs:
- Create a new Style Filter at NamePlates • Style Filter • Name it Civilian
- Triggers • Unit Conditions • Enable Unit is Civilian
- Actions • Health • Enable Color Health and set a color for civilian NamePlates


Is there an option to make minimap buttons look better?
You can try out the plugin ProjectAzilroka: https://www.tukui.org/classic-addons.php?id=8
Enable "Square Minimap Buttons" • Go to "Square Minimap Buttons" settings in the main menu • Enable Bar • Reload your UI
You can edit the bar in the same menu (size, spacing, buttons per row, grow direction) and move the bar with /moveui
LuckyoneUI Community Discord: https://discord.gg/xRY4bwA