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Font reseting

Hello! Since the last update (1.16) I'm facing issue with my personnal font. I'm using extra font and the font is being reset randomly after any loading.
The parameter is still correct (my font is selected) but it's not the real font.
I have to setup the font again in parameter. (it is for unit frames)

2. Version number of ElvUI : 1.16
3. Do you have the issue with only ElvUI? Yes
4. Do you get any errors, if so post. No.
5. Do you have the issue with only the Blizzard UI? No.
6. What is the issue and how to recreate. See up.
7. Full UI screenshot showing the issue and the status panel (/estatus)

Font reseting

If you change it to a different font, does it still happen?

From reports this happens to a small number of fonts.
I recommend backing up your WTF folder - where your profiles for all addons, including ElvUI are stored.

My replies might be short due to time constraints. Nothing personal. (Thanks Blaze)

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