Raid roles

Version of Tukui:
Classic 1.29

Did you disable all AddOns except "Tukui" and "Tukui Config"?

Did you get an error? If so then post it below (use 'code' bbcode):

Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible. If you know how to reproduce the issue then mention that too:
When in a raid there's no options to assign roles.
You can't righclick someone and select "Promote to Tank" because the option doesn't exist.

This option becomes visible as soon as I disable TukUI.

Please include screenshot(s) which illustrate the issue (you can attach them to this post):

Raid roles

It's not an addon blocking it because I have all other addons disabled. Classic doesn't come with a "TukUI Config" addon, just the basic "Tukui" in the addons list.

All of my friends who use TukUI also can not set raid roles (we tried passing Raid Lead around).

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