Chat Frames

Is there a way to get more things to "dock" into the right chat frame

after installing and "setting up chat" the Loot/Trade window is on the right but I am unable to get any other windows to "dock" into that frame like the do with the left one

I have 5 chat windows and the combat log on the left and they all "dock" in line normally but nothing with do it with the right frame no matter what I try and put over there.

custom windows just lay on top of things and don't line up, if i drag the combat log over there it will "dock" into the frame but wont allow anything else next to it

Chat Frames

No, it is a blizzard limitation. Only the left (original) chat panel can have multiple tabs.

If you only have one tab on the left chat panel, you can move the left and right chat panels around (if you use ElvUI)
I recommend backing up your WTF folder - where your profiles for all addons, including ElvUI are stored.

My replies might be short due to time constraints. Nothing personal. (Thanks Blaze)

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