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Raid Frames - Elvui vs Grid2

Hello all,

After a 6-years break from WoW, I am creating a new character !

I am playing heal druid.

I have watched yesterday a very long tutorial regarding how to set up Elvui and what a beautiful interface add-on !
So i would like to install Elvui and Grid2 for my interface.
I think this question may have been already ask several times but I didn't find my answer.
So, are Grid2 and Elvui compatibles ?
Can I activate Raid and Group frames only with Grid2 and deactivate the ones from Elvui and Blizzard ?
If yes, how to do that ?

Thanks, and have a nice day !!!

Raid Frames - Elvui vs Grid2  [Accepted Answer]

If you disable the ElvUI Unitframes under the ElvuI unitframe module, uncheck enable for the ones you want to disable.

You may need to enable the blizzard frames (so Grid will automatically hide them. That is found under Unitframe - General - Hide Blizzard Frames. Uncheck the ones you want for grid.