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Issues with keybinds using CMD (⌘) modifier on macOS since Prepatch

I am using the latest release version ( 2f104c04 ) and ElvUI works great with the prepatch. There is one change by blizzard that ElvUI did not adpated to, yet:

Previously (< WoW 9.0), you could configure that WoW should swap the two modifiers CTRL (⌃) and CMD (⌘) on your keyboard. The reason was that you could not use CMD (⌘) as a modifier in WoW but it was placed more conviently on the keyboard for most people. This allowed using the CMD key as modifier as if it was the CTRL key. The keybind in ElvUI made via /kb when using CMD + x where subsequently made to CTRL + x and everything worked out.

This changed with the prepatch. Now, WoW allows you making keybinds to CMD (yay!). As a result of this the swapping option is gone because it is not needed anymore: You can just keybind to CTRL and CMD in Options -> Keybinds to your hearts content and it works (tested this myself).

However, ElvUIs keybinding mode does not seem to support this: Using the CMD key as a modifier is simply ignored. For example trying to keybind CMD + F will create a keybind to simply F. It would be nice to have this keys supported as modifiers in ElvUI keybinding mode. I think those are named "LMETA and RMETA" respectively. When bound via the bultin Options -> Keybinds there are displayed as Meta + x on the ElvUI action bars.

Issues with keybinds using CMD (⌘) modifier on macOS since Prepatch

I second this. It will not keybind when you have the option enabled in System > Keyboard Options > Disable OS Keyboard Shortcuts which enables the keybinding use of the Command key. Further, when I use the blizzard Keybindings to set up instead, ELVUI reflects my "CMD-1" keybinding as "META-1" on the Actionbar, which is shortened to "MET" to have it large enough to see my keybindings.

Pretty please fix these?
I love your UI so much. It was one of the very few I had to have updated when PrePatch came and most add-ons weren't working, I was so grateful to have ElvUI up and running to make my UI beautiful and functional.

Thank you for everything.

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