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range indicator not working on friendly player unit

hello, my range indicator doenst work properly since today. on npcs and enemy player/npcs its working, but at friendly players it remains faded even when i stand next to them. i searched overall for a solution but i didnt found anything. how to fix this?

edit: followed all rules and steps and the elvui version is 12.31

edit2: playin a arcane mage and iirc the fade only occured when i was away >40y from the target. but now even on npcs and enemy players in town it stops when i get 20y near. on friendly players its still global faded, no matter the range. i dont find a method to fix this with the ingame option menu.

edit3: logged on my warlock and on this character all is working fine. the issue is only on my mage. i have the exact same settings on both characters.