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Scrolling combat text for self is broken/messy

Hi there, just bumping this so we keep the conversation alive. The users above users who said to remove the command line were correct as it does fix it. The problem, as far as I understand it, is that the combat text for "self" has a default option of monochromatic outline or some such similar font enhancement which "smushes" (highly technical term I know) the font and creates the ugly aliasing the OP and rest of us were suffering from.

Here is what it looks like when I heal my pet and myself for example: https://imgur.com/7JGuD9y
Looks ugly and all broken.

Here i what it looks like when I heal my pet and myself after removing line 94: https://imgur.com/TBuDXuV
Much better!

Clearly much better, if you notice the differences in the font for me I think it relates to: https://imgur.com/QAHKfrH
My personal font choices there. I'm going to be playing with the options to fix this.

I would recommend that in future builds we could have the option to change the combat text font similar to the way we change Chat -> Fonts options. Specifically, Font, Font Outline and Font Size. Hope this helps!

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