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Need help, Pbuf:health:percent-nostatus

so i imported dajovas new release of his ui, and i have fixed most of the bugs that came with it using guides from this website, but i cant fix the last 1...

on my entire unitframe for my charecter it says "[pbuf:health:percent-nostatus]"

this is most likely an outdated custom tag that i cant find, i have found the other ones that were outdated but i cant fint this one....


here is a gyaso showing what my unitframe health is, cause i thought that it would be that one
i hope someone can help me :)

Need help, Pbuf:health:percent-nostatus

Yeah, my bad, apparently they are a part of ProjectAzilroka.... which i had no idea it was from that, until now. My bad. (as per tradition, blame [mention]Azilroka[/mention] ) xD

edit: ... inconsequentially, that tag actually doesnt do anything outside of pet battles. So you can just remove that tag under

Code: Select all

/ec > unitframes > individual > player > custom texts
I think i added that there some time ago and just forgot about it...

I removed it plus some other small updates on my latest version. :ugeek:
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