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Bug with Elvui and Weak Auras 2 (New Characters/Transfering)

Version of ElvUI (use /estatus command ingame to check): 11.52

Disable all addons except the two called "ElvUI" and "ElvUI OptionsUI". Do you still experience the issue now?: Problem has to do with interacting with another Addon (Weak Auras 2)

Disable all addons and use the default UI to make sure it is not an issue with the WoW client itself. Do you still experience the issue?: No,

Check for lua errors by using the command "/luaerror on" without quotes. Did you get an error or do you still experience the issue?: No,

Please explain the issue you're having with as much detail as possible. Describe the exact steps we need to take in order to reproduce the issue.:
Been using theses 2 addons together, for probably years, and I'm leaving my server, as well going horde. Did my usual "stuff" to get my UI copied over, and when I did I noticed theses bugs, all UI backgrounds, are completely disappeared,

Now, my old characters, still have no problem, but the 1 I created and the transfer one are having the issues at moment

Also, decided to turn off all my weak auras, and leave the addon still on, which fix's the issue, but as soon as I import anything or turn on any weak auras, the problem begins. Delete them, turn them off, all good. I post this because, Elvui was the last addon I updated, and I will be contacting Weak Auras, about this issue, to see if it can be resolved.

We often get clues about the issue by looking at your entire UI, so please take some screenshots and add them here.:
First one if when I click on a sub-category, and all I see is it, have to blind click to get out of it, 2nd pic has my map/character screen open, and as you see, background, or entire map besides the words "Map & Quest Log" and the 1 quest I have shows

Thanks for your time,