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Quests progression disappear


Hi im having a problem for the past 4-5 elvui patches, basically after questing for some times (Is random) the Quest progression text, sorry i dont now how its actually called, see the screenshot i marked it. Basically it stop to show up the progression/completation of quests and i can track my quests or world quest progression only by looking at the Objective Frame, relogging fixes the problem but only for a couple of minutes, i tried to play for severals minutes without any addons (exept elvui) but the "problem" persists. I tried to look on the forum if it is a known issue but since i dont now how this "Progressioni texts are called is diffult to find something"
If it is a known issue, sorry for opening this topic.

Quests progression disappear  [Accepted Answer]

Please type in chat in game `/luaerror on` and test. If you still have the issue, type in chat in game `/estatus` and upload a full UI screenshot showing the issue and status panel.

Then test with no addons, blizzard UI. Do you have the issue.