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Hunter Stable

Long time user of ElvUI and I love it!

However, it's been a long while since I've played my hunter and I'm looking at my stable and wonder if there is a way to show more slots than the default?
I'm also using Aspect of the Hunter addon which is convenient because it also shows the pet abilities (except for certain pets I get LUA errors), but can we set up ElvUI where we can see all our slots?
Would be nice to be able to select a pet and see it's abilities.
Also, with Aspect of the Hunter there is an added feature that comes with the mouseover tooltip. It'll say if a beast is tamable. Is there an option on ElvUI that can do that?


With Aspect of the Hunter (addon):

Without Aspect of the Hunter (addon)

Hunter Stable

ElvUI just uses the blizzard frame for that.

If you are wanting more information, you would need another addon to provide it.