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Adding a growth direction to Aura Indicators

If there is another way to accomplish what I'm trying to do then please let me know. Otherwise, I think adding a growth direction to aura indicators (or adding a second "Buffs" group) would be the best solution.

What I'm currently doing:

In the bottom left of my group frames, I use ElvUI debuffs (growing right, then up).
In the bottom right of my group frames, I use ElvUI buffs (growing left, then up).
In the top left of my group frames, I use the "Cooldowns on Raidframes" WeakAura from Nnoggie (growing right).

What I would like to do:

I want to get rid of the WeakAura and use ElvUI for everything.
I attempted to use Aura Indicators, but the buffs overlap, and there is no option for growth direction that I have found.

I understand that I can use different X/Y offsets for different buff auras, but this is not a viable solution. Every buff would have a fixed location, and for tank classes with a lot of defensives, I would either run out of room or some stuff would occasionally overlap. Since tanks don't hit all their defensives at the same time, using a growth direction from a single anchor point keeps everything tidy.

Hopefully I clearly articulated my problem and a solution can be found. Thanks for all the work you put into this addon.