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I can't find Elvui in game.

So i had ElvUI installed previously, then i had to uninstall WoW as well as every other addon i had, and had to move things over from my C-Drive to my D-Drive. The ElvUI stuff still exists in the new addon folders as does my previously installed addons. I went through and re-installed everything, but ElvUI isnt showing up in the addon interface in WoW.


I have no idea if those image links will work, but as you can see, ElvUI is clearly in the correct addon folder, but its not showing up in the game. I've deleted the files from the addon folder and re-installed a few times now. Please help, i hate Spartan and the base WoW UI's, theyre so big and clunky.

I can't find Elvui in game.

In Blizzard app, click on the small arrow beside Blizzard logo, Click 'Settings, Click 'Game Install/Update'
Check the file path. Upload a screenshot.