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ElvUI & ElvUi Options UI not appearing in in-game addon list

I just tried to update my ElvUI addon from ver 12.24 -> 12.25 using the Tukei Client (ver

Upon trying to update I receive the following error and ElvUI is removed from my list of addons in the Tukei client. https://imgur.com/a/Yszt2y8

If I then try to redownload ElvUI through the 'browse' tab in the Tukei client I get another error message and I am unable to redownload it. https://imgur.com/a/Yszt2y8

It is worth mentioning I have repeated this process twice in order to obtain screenshots of the error messages by deleting the ElvUI contents of my Interface folder and replacing with an old back up and trying to update again. Initially I was able to redownload ElvUI which appeared as the latest version (12.25) in the client but it would not appear in game under addons however now I repeatedly receive the second error message that does not let me redownload from the client so I'm using my old backup version of ElvUI for now so that can still use it in game.

Any help would be most appreciated. Many thanks.