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ElvUI flickering(disappears/comes back rapidly) mid-combat.

As per what the title says...

Check current tickets in the Ticket Tracker to make sure your issue is not a bug which has been reported already.

Found an old topic on this forum where they mention having the same issues. It was from back in early 2019. No proper solution was brought up though.

If you're 100% sure the issue is a bug in ElvUI then make a ticket in the Ticket Tracker instead of creating a post in the Technical Support forum.
Am not 100% sure, hence why I'm posting here.

*Always* provide the version of your ElvUI installation.
Using version 12.34, installed via WowUp.

Did you disable all addons except the two called 'ElvUI' and 'ElvUI OptionsUI'?

Did you disable all addons and try to reproduce the issue?
Yes. Wasn't able to reproduce it. So far, I have only experienced the problem when inside a raid instance, specifically the newest one: Sanctum of Domination. And, essentially only on a few bosses.

Are lua errors set to show up when they happen (/luaerror on)? If you received any errors then make sure you post the *first* error you received.
No errors.

A picture is worth a thousand words. We often get clues about the issue by looking at your entire UI, so please include some screenshots.
No point posting a picture when the whole UI is gone.

Describe your issue with as much detail as possible.
More or less what I've said. In the middle of combat, my whole UI randomly hides itself, as with what it does when you use the default function for toggling/hiding your UI. The problem is that it happens randomly, so far only during combat, and it happens even when I'm lying dead on the ground, not pressing anything.

Note that I also have no key bound to toggle/hide my interface.

Again, I have no idea whether this has to do with ElvUI itself or if it's something with the game, considering how it only occurs(so far) when I'm fighting bosses inside the new raid.


Here's my /estatus as well btw(I re-enabled all addons again after finishing the troubleshooting stuff):

ElvUI flickering(disappears/comes back rapidly) mid-combat.

Hello. Ive been having the same issue for several weeks now. I believe it started with the new WoW patch, but am not too sure. Anyone have any fixes? Its pretty annoying, just constant flickering, sometimes it looks like the whole screen, other times it seems like a black bar across the top the screen.