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Elvui Bug after WoW Name Change.

I recently named changed one on my characters on WoW retail. After I did, I started to have issues with my Social Window in game (Friends lists, Who, Raid & Quick Join tabs). When I log into game and open up my friends list, it is completely blank. https://imgur.com/a/MpCFUrc . In order for my Friends list to appear, I need to first click on the "Ignore" tab location at the top of the window, then click back on to the "Friends" tab located at the top to the left of "Ignore". Also I am unable to to swap between my "Friends" tab, "Who" tab, "Raid" tab, or "Quick Join" tab located at the bottom of the Window. Click on these tabs doesn't change the window and my Friends list stays showing no matter which tab I try to swap to. If I Disable the Elvui addon, the window works perfectly like it should. I have also tried a full Interface reset, re downloading Elvui and setting up my UI from Scratch. Halfway through re-setting up Elvui after the full Interface reset, the issues return. Has anyone come across something like this before, and know how to fix it?

Elvui Bug after WoW Name Change.

Did you try the best command ever?

Code: Select all

That will disable all addons besides.. ElvUI and ElvUI OptionsUI..

ALL other addons with ElvUI in it's name is NOT part of ElvUI.. It's a plugin made by different authors.