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Aura Indicators Show When Not Active


I am having issues with the Aura Indicator set to "Show when not active". I thought this would invert the functionality, i.e. show the indicator when buff is not active and don't show the indicator when buff is active.
I've added Arcane Intellect (ID 1459) on my mage to Aura Indicators (Class). When I don't check "Show when not active" it works as intended, i.e. the icon is shown for everyone having the buff and not shown for everyone not having the buff in my party frames (did not test raid yet). But when I check "Show when not active" the indicator is just shown for everyone, doesn't matter if they have the buff or not.
I found this topic: viewtopic.php?p=50068#p50068 where someone describes a similar issue, but the topic is locked.

edit: Is nobody else having the issue or using the feature the way I use it or is my description unclear?

Aura Indicators Show When Not Active

Sentox wrote: Tue Sep 21, 2021 9:42 pm Hello champ

I still have The same issue.
I made this ticket after Long time on Discord trying to solve The issue. Iam pretty sure its buged :(

It works on The test frames for me 😬

It's definitely bugged. But the code is completely undocumented and the commit messages aren't really meaningful either. At first I thought it was just an issue in the customFilter function, but I think it's much more than that. I think the logic how the programmer indended the onlyShowMissingIcon function to work can just not be applied with how the logic of the rest works. So, it's probably not as easy to fix as I initially thought (e.g. just a copy and paste typo and put True where False is supposed to be or vice versa). I guess the whole logic of the missing icons filter has to be reworked in that source file.