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ElvUIDev resike Addon questions.

Im currently trying to figure out what module is using the most CPU since when I disable ElvUI my FPS issue is fixed. I was told VIA TUKUI Discord to download GitHub ElvUIDev resike from https://github.com/Resike/ElvUIDev.

There isnt really much information on what I need to do. I couldn't find a readme, and searching on the forums here I could not locate any useful information.
I installed the the folder in my World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns
When I check in game it shows it's loaded.

Looking around online someone mention to type /dev but when i do this nothing happen just my chat system message telling me to type help.

If I could get some guidance on how I can get the addon to open up and show me what module is using the most CPU I would really appreciate it.