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Automatically switches to reply mode


I have had an issue for quite a while now and after checking out every single addon that I have, I feel like it might be ElvUI related.

So my problem is that if someone whispers to me during the combat I automatically jump to reply mode. This means that if I am fighting and executing my rotation, instead of using ability I will start typing in chat. I checked most of the settings in the ElvUI chat section, but I couldn't find a solution. Of course, I might be wrong and it is not ElvUI related, but after fooling around with AddOns (turning them on and off) it seems that it's ElvUI.

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Automatically switches to reply mode

You might be on to something! I will make sure I remove that keybind from the chat and see if it solves the issue! This is something I didn't think about, so thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully the solution is actually this simple and easy