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Action Bar CD Timers

Ever since the updates for patch 9.1.5, my CD timers on my action bars have been off. For example, if I use a 2minute CD it will show up on my action bars as having 1minute left on CD, even if the remaining time is actually 1:59. Prior to updates for patch 9.1.5, the ability always showed 2min on my action bar, and would remain 2min until the timer eventually reached 1min, 59sec, 58sec, and so on. I have played around with the cooldown text settings but to no avail. For clarification I DO NOT want my cooldowns to show detailed CDs such as 1:35, 1:34, and so on. I would just like it go back to how it used to be, showing 2min until it reaches the 1min mark and begins counting down the individual seconds. If my CD has even 1minute & 1 second remaining on the CD I want it to display 2min on my action bars, just like it did prior to updates for patch 9.1.5.