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[ElvUI] Help Me Configure My Aura Filters!

Hi - Using the most recent version of ElvUI for WoW Classic (1.03) and I've mostly got my auras working the way I want them, but for some reason I cannot get debuffs showing the timer on the target panel. (Specifically DoTs) It's just a static bar that doesn't countdown or put a number in the center. I when back and checked how my retail character was set up and tried to compare options/settings, but couldn't find any major differences. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what I'm doing wrong?

Screenshot of the issue (Shadow Word: Pain example)
Screenshot of my aura settings:


[ElvUI] Help Me Configure My Aura Filters!

Ghostd0g wrote:
Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:35 pm
Hi i play warlock and i want to know if i can get the life ticks of my drain life and siphon life ?
I want them on my player bar but i can't find the option to do that .
This thread is about auras. Not castbars.

Please create a new thread. If it is about classic - post in the classic section. - ElvUI
I always recommend backing up your WTF folder - where your profiles/settings for all addons, including ElvUI are stored.

[ElvUI] Help Me Configure My Aura Filters!

Hey , after the latest Classic Elvui update, my auras are showing everything. Argent trinket, mounts etc... even If I set to to show only personal, it is till not working. Before this update, it only show my Ice barrier, evocation and so on, which are useful. Special filters is not the solution, nor the blacklist thing, since it is not working properly.

[ElvUI] Help Me Configure My Aura Filters!

I really hope someone can help me, I am a returning player to classic as a healer and had just configured ELUVI classic the way I wanted it.
I just updated to the new version 1.13 but now my healing set up has changed and I can't play the game.
I have tried to read the guides and follow suggested fixes but nothing works and right now I am struggling to play or be effective this is around my buffs and debuffs on the raid frame.

My main issue is that when I'm healing I use my raid frames in 5 man so I can see the buffs and debuffs on the rectangle raid frame this is helpful for me to know when my renew is up and when I have a shield active on a player in previous versions this just used to show things like renew and shield but now I have buffs present like Fort which I don't want to see.

How do i get my debuffs to show that only I can dispell please?

I also cant work out why I can see my buff timer for renew and shield on my raid frame expire but when I cast that spell on the party member the little dot just stays there?


Edit ok so I think I got it working, the only part I'm missing is to check debuffs are working that I can dispell and also how do I show the cooldown timer notification on the raid frame for my buff or HoT

[ElvUI] Help Me Configure My Aura Filters!

So i play enchansment shaman and the only two buffs i want to track is Flametongue and Frostbrand, i want to track them on my Player Nameplate. I have removed all filters from there and only added one that i created myself with the two spells in it. I only typed the ID from in-game and while Frostbrand pops up when i use the spell Flametongue wont show up. Any idea why one show and not the other?. If i reset settings on my Player Nameplate and just enable it, all buffs including the two if want to track is showing.

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