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What does your ElvUI look like?

Khasanti wrote:
Sun Nov 25, 2018 3:01 pm
CptAlbi wrote:
Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:51 am
Current iteration of my UI. Been tweaking it since BC, but using ElvUI to create it is so much simpler <3
I have been looking for a profile for a really long time and this is really good. Would you mind sharing your setup please?
In my mind i drag and drop the minimap in the upper right corner :D

What does your ElvUI look like?

Latest edition
- Dark Grey theme
- By default, all UnitFrames have the same color when at full health. UnitFrames change color depending on health remaining. Class colors are visible through names.
- Player/Pet UnitFrames don't have names displayed. Only Target + Focus + RaidFrames + BossFrames do.
- Player CastBar is placed on top of Player UnitFrame, due to mostly playing as a BM hunter I rarely see it anyway.
- Player PowerBar + Target PowerBar are not visible, only the text values are displayed.
- Only have 1 data bar visible which is the Azerite Bar that is located next to the minimap(right side)

In addition to ElvUI I use:
Masque - ActionButton modifier
NeedToKnow - For adding aura tracking(bars), divided into groups of your choice.
Details - Damage Meter
MSBT, Mik'sScrollingBattleText - Combat text addon
AddOnSkins - As an ElvUI styler for other addons
ElvUI CustomMedia - For adding...well, custom textures, fonts and more to your UI.
CleanBossButton - Removes the artwork around the ZoneActionButton + BossButton

Combat - Raid - 2 screenshots
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