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What does your ElvUI look like?

EDIT: New upload/image on page 47 here. Changed some stuff again^^

Similar to a previous image I've uploaded here. However this is up-to-date with the most recent ElvUI version(11.10).

Mostly worked on NamePlates since the new ElvUI version as it made them a lot easier to configure to the way you want them.
Castbars on enemy nameplates have a grey color as spells casted in this image are not interruptable. If they were, the castbars would have a different color(includes the Target Unitframe castbar at the top).

Player Frame as well as the Pet Frame can both be found between my Action Bars at the bottom and the Target Frame. Currently they don't have anything other than health displayed(+ my current Focus level). I don't need any text displayed on them. Only use them as indicators to my own/pet health status.

Above my Target Frame you can find 2 Aura Bars that display my Pet Frenzy buff(stack level) + Beast Cleave duration.
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