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New nameplates targeting color

Hello everyone ,
this is my first ever post here so i ll keep it short.
After the new update i can hardly realise which target i am focusing because they all look the same , in the old plates it was visible cuz the health pool was turning a way ddarker color , with the update just the name goes a bit lighter and when you have 5+ targets its literally impossible inside a high m+ environment or Mythic raiding environment to quickly notice what you focusing.
How do i change that?

New nameplates targeting color

In the "Targeted Nameplate" section of the config, you can change various things that will make it easier to see the targeted nameplate. You can change the scale (currently bugged, but fixed in development build) and alpha, and you can make it have a glow and/or arrow(s) on the nameplate.

If you use a style filter then you can have even more customizations. Create a new style filter, then set the trigger to "Targeting: Is Targeted" and choose the action(s) you want. For example you can color the health a specific color.
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New nameplates targeting color

The style filter option currently does not work. I've reported a bug regarding this via Github but I don't believe it's been reviewed yet. Targeting style filter only activates when you are being actively swung at or cast at. Outside of this the enemy is either not classed targeting you or the reaction colors (which also seem to be bugged) are overriding the style filter.
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