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Nameplate Question & Issue

Hello there!

I love using Elvui but since the big nameplate update there has been some issues for me.

1) When I am on the tank and I "own" aggro, the nameplates turn green as they should in my opinion. But as soon as I enter a M+ dungeon on my paladin tank, whatever I have aggro on turns red and what I don't have aggro on turns green for some odd reason. What might this be caused by and how do I fix it?

2) I also noticed that after the nameplate update, having a lot of targets (reaping) causes a lot of FPS lag. I am wondering why this might be as before the update it was just fine during reaping. I know it is the nameplates because the moment I turn off enemy nameplates (V-button) I am back to my normal FPS.

Thanks in advance!

Nameplate Question & Issue

I updated to the lastest ElvUI and still nameplates are red when tanking and green when not. In order to fix it I need to go to elvui-namesplates-colors and click on "good" then ok. Doesn't really make sense doesn't it ?

Nameplate Question & Issue

The lag issue was reduced enormously last update, thank you very much for this. The red nametag issue still exists. I however noticed that after a few packs it's solved sometimes (keyword). Also after disconnecting inside a dungeon they seem to turn green again when you have aggro as a tank. This makes it very confusing now since sometimes they are red (typically at start of dungeon) and then turn green later on (both meaning holding aggro of course). Settings are unchanged for me, maybe worth noting!