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Buffs/debuffs that should be in default filters

Alex2019 wrote: Sun Dec 15, 2019 10:02 am How to enable this resource in ELVUI?
Please don’t hijack other threads. Start a new one. This has nothing to do with the op.

That class bar isn’t from ElvUI. ElvUI has a rectangular one. You can enable it under Unitframe - player - class bar.

If you want something to look like that you will need to use a WA or another class bar addon.

If you need further help, please create your own thread.

Buffs/debuffs that should be in default filters


I would like to see stacks of Scorn from Remornia on my co-tanks unit frame. Is this something I should add myself as a whitelisted debuff or am I doing something wrong? I think the spell isn't categorized as a debuff. I'm pretty new to this so I apologize for potentially misclassifying this. I can see all other debuffs, their stacks, and when they're dropping for myself and my counterpart but not scorn. Here's the wowhead info https://www.wowhead.com/spell=332585/scorn#triggered-by

Thank you very much for your help.