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ELvUI Overall Font scale settings?

Is there a way to set the font scale overall for all sections within ElvUI and WoW, WoW main menu listing (Esc key press for all WoW options), chat, etc..)?
ElvUI takes over ALL font and reduces to much from as far as i got and I'm not able to read it as easily as with the Default font scale..

OK just installed ElvUI today and really excited to start using it.
However, after finished getting thru the primary step by step guide on first time run, all of my fonts are extremely small. all fonts are like super small now, all add-on GUI's, chat, wow primary main menu options, system, etc...

what i have tried.
I removed all ElvUI addon, all ElvUI in the WTF folder, etc.. reinstalled and reran the process. at the UI scaling I did scale it up some but still not quite there.. some of the fonts in my other addons are still extremely small from ElVUI addon.. Please refer to the screenshots.

Default WoW UI Main Menu
WoW UI Main Menu with ElvUI
As you can see from the SS"s that the default font is much more readable and slightly larger for easier reading vs. the ElVUI Font scale and changes made to it..

Is there a general Overall font setting for all? or a way to let ElvUI to not scale any fonts but rest of UI ok to rescale as necessary upon fresh install?
or possible an option to totally disable ALL scaling of fonts made to the game?

What am I using and at what resolution.
Using a 50" 1K smart TV: Res. @ 1920 x 1080. TV is approx 12 feet away so I had adjusted the scaling up some due to my eyesight.. I'm not blind but some scaling up is required.

Any Help or Idea's on this would be greatly appreciated.

ELvUI Overall Font scale settings?

Botanica wrote: Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:22 am @Dyeslee moving from Tukui technical support to ElvUI technical support.
My bad LOL... I didnt fully read where i was posting.. I will try to be more aware of this ;)
Botanica wrote: Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:24 am I’m not sure if the ElvUI- general - media “Font” changes these ones but you can try that one.
And I will try to locate that.. First time using this UI and theres ALOT to look at so one step at a time and will see if that does the trick. tyvm for the fast replies and input.
If anyone else has further ideas JIC the above does not work, please reply as well with other options and or suggestions