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StaticPopup LUA Error

Version of ElvUI (use /estatus command ingame to check): 11.18

Disable all addons except the two called "ElvUI" and "ElvUI Config". Do you still experience the issue now?:
Can't really test this as it mostly occurs during boss encounters for which I need things like WA and BigWigs enabled

Disable all addons and use the default UI to make sure it is not an issue with the WoW client itself. Do you still experience the issue?:

Check for lua errors by using the command "/luaerror on" without quotes. Did you get an error or do you still experience the issue?:
Haven't done this as it mostly happens during boss encounters where I can't troubleshoot UI issues

If you received an error then post it below (use the 'code' bbcode):
Interface\\FrameXML\\StaticPopup.lua:5175: Action[SetPoint] failed because[SetPoint would result in anchor family connection]: attempted from: StaticPopup1:SetPoint

Please explain the issue you're having with as much detail as possible. Describe the exact steps we need to take in order to reproduce the issue.:
When I die during a boss encounter I will sometimes get this error and the dialogue box which allows me to release/res does not appear. If someone battle reses me the same LUA error fires again and the dialogue box is still not visible. If I reload my UI the dialogue box reappears and functions normally. I've also had this happen occasionally while quickly buying multiple items from the Auction House and once the error happens each successive attempt to buy an item causes the error to fire but the confirmation dialogue will not appear until I reload my UI.

Do you have any other information which might help us track down the issue?:
This issue only started occurring after the 8.2 patch (and has happened with every ElvUI version released since that patch). Thought this error is somewhat intermittent, I was able to reproduce it somewhat reliably before the season 3 mythic plus season started by dying during a boss encounter with the dialogue box opened from Bwomsamdi. I believe there was an API change with 8.2 requiring ClearAllPoints() to be called before SetPoint() which I believe is probably related to this issue.

We often get clues about the issue by looking at your entire UI, so please take some screenshots and add them here.:

StaticPopup LUA Error

You need to test if the issue is from ElvUI, another addon or a blizzard error.

From your screenshot it came up with a profession window.

Please type in chat in game
/luaerror on
To disable all other addons and test.

Please also test with no addons, the blizzard UI.
Back up your ElvUI profile/s - ElvUI menu - Profiles - Export and save it regularly

My replies might be short due to time constraints. Nothing personal. (Thanks Blaze)

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