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Game freezes, massive memory useage and game crashes

Since 8.3 and the new version of Elv my partner and I have been experiencing the same thing which I've been trying to diagnose.

Seemingly at random, but often triggered by opening the character pane, or the map, especially in the new corrupted zones, WoW will completely freeze, the computer memory useage will jump massively until the memory is maxed out (all in WoW, I monitored what was happening in task manager) then something will clear it out, wow will stutter back to life and you can carry on. Sometimes it can't recover and the computers give a no memory left error and you have to restart completely.

This has been happening on two different computers with similar hardware.

We've installed the newest version of Elv but it doesn't help. I've disabled every other addon other than Elv and Elvoptions. I've even tried to disable as many features of Elv as possible and re-enable them one by one to identify which part is causing the problem, I thought I'd diagnosed it by disabling the Unit Frames but after a while the problem returned even without them enabled.

I've tried a completely fresh install of the newest Elv, deleting old profiles and starting completely bare. It seemed like it was working but I returned to the Vale and all the new content, opened the map and bam, long pause and then computer crash.

Is there a way for me to monitor errors so I can see what's happening?

Any ideas?
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Game freezes, massive memory useage and game crashes

My game has been doing the exact same thing! I am playing on a MacBook Pro. It is extremely frustrating! I was in a mythic dungeon doing the weekly and I had to give up after one because I disconnected halfway through the first one. I turned off ALL add ons and this problem stopped. Then I tried only with the two ElvUI add ons enabled and the issue began to persist again.
This has been a recurring issue for the past few months. The game freezes and I get a pop up asking if I want to keep the UI changes I made or revert when I made no changes.
Now since 8.3 was released, the issue has evolved into completely freezing the game for 10-15 seconds at a time and resizing my UI so that when I regain control of my game, the UI is scaled large until I exit combat.
I was getting an error that was saying Weak Auras was causing errors so I disabled it thinking it would be the fix. The issue STILL persisted. Please someone provide a fix! This is unbearable and the game is unplayable with Elvui.

Game freezes, massive memory useage and game crashes

I seen other ppl on the wow forum with the same problem but different ways. I myself had the problem. WoW just froze when I alt tabbed. It was not a addon issue. It is something to do with 8.3. Game still ran in the background so could do a /reloadui and it fixed it until I alt tabbed again.
Ppl reported that going into Graphic=>advanced and then setting your Graphics API to 11 legacy would fix the problem but hammer your fps. I did that and it worked for me and did hammer my fps. I put it up to just 11 and my fps was fine again and the freezes was still gone so depends on the pc if you have to go for legacy or you can "fix it" with just 11.
Else... gotta wait for official fix from blizz.

Game freezes, massive memory useage and game crashes

Yeah I can’t even play the game. I got into an Ashran and I had to shut the game down 6 times, completely restart my computer once, and I didn’t get to do anything. I began to cast a spell and it froze. And interestingly enough, I can move my character after a time but the screen is frozen. What is the problem? It’s unbearable! When can we expect a fix?

Game freezes, massive memory useage and game crashes

A fix? I’m not sure how that is possible without the troubleshooting information from those who are having the issue.

There is a troubleshooting guide at the top of the thread. Please go through and give all the requested information and screenshots.

When you have the issue (with only ElvUI enabled) type in chat in game

And upload a full UI screenshot as well as all the requested information.
I recommend backing up your WTF folder - where your profiles for all addons, including ElvUI are stored.

My replies might be short due to time constraints. Nothing personal. (Thanks Blaze)

Game freezes, massive memory useage and game crashes

I don’t think you understand. The game LITERALLY FREEZES. I can’t type anything! When the issue happens, I am unable to do anything. I can screenshot but it’ll be a screenshot of a frozen screen, which is pointless. And there doesn’t seem to be a fix. It happens when I’m in battlegrounds, when I’m in dungeons, when I’m in raids, and it happens when I’m just playing the game. And it only happens when Elvui is active. I turn everything but elvui off and i get no freezes. There is nothing I can do to show you what is happening except record a full gameplay. But I don’t think you need that to understand what I’m saying the problem is.

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