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How do you hide dispellable debuffs?

I also have this problem. The debuff is in the blacklist but still shows up on party and raid frames. However it shows up at the raiddebuff module (not regular debuffs) and i think this module uses a different way to filter with only a whitelist and an option to display dispellable debuffs. Unselecting this option removes the grasping tendrils from raid frames but also all other debuffs that are not in the whitelist but are dispellable. Not sure if the blacklist is supposed to work for this module but at least it does not seem to work for grasping tendrils. Also if you have frame colours based on magic debuffs it colours the frame as well and blacklist seems to not be in use here either.

How do you hide dispellable debuffs?

RaidDebuff indicator uses the RaidDebuffs and CCDebuffs filter, both are manually maintained and do not contain Grasping Tendrils (unless you added it there). In any case, make sure your Blacklist filter is set in the filter priority and its on position one, otherwise some debuffs might go through regardless of it.
Regarding the highlight: the workaround for this is to add the Debuff to Filters - Debuff Highlight, and set the alpha of it to 0.

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