Any suggestions on how to get more action bars in TukUI Classic?

im using all of the action bar buttons available to me with TukUI Classic and im just barely able to squeeze in all my spells plus a few consumbles and tradeskills. unfortunately, this leaves me no room for gear/trinket equip macros and i still need more buttons for items and things. i did a forum search and there was mention of a seperate addon to supply more bars in addition to the ones avilable in TukUI, unfortunately this was from a years old post and the addon is now defunct and not compatible with Classic as far as i can tell.

i dont know how hard it is to add additional action bars, but i do realize it could be beyond the scope of the project and maintaining a minimalist design. im just wondering if anyone in a similar situation has any suggestions of an additional functional addon that works with Classic and TukUI so i can get some desperately needed button space. thanks.

Any suggestions on how to get more action bars in TukUI Classic?

Tukz wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:03 pm
There is an additional bar on right side hidden by default. Open our GUI and the toggle button will appear on the right side. There is 60 buttons total like in standard ui. It should be enough. If not, then consider starting using macro.
i do have that enabled already, i'd really be in trouble without that one. i've consolidated what i can into macros which is only a couple things... everything else really needs its own spot i think but i'll comb over it again and maybe come up with new ideas. i guess the real problem lies in there not being any functional ItemRack type addons available for classic right now as thats the type of stuff i dont have room for.

by the way Tukz, thank you for adding enemy cast bars back to the UI! really been enjoying it more with them and it feels like the complete package now.

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