LibHealComm 4.0

My new guild requires me to use Wowaces LibHealComm 4.0 on my Shaman.
Over the last few months bon Wow Classic I have really enjoyed all that TukUi offers.
My question is can I download LibHealComm 4.0 and have it work along side with my TukUi so I don't have to use another UI??
Thanks in Advance

LibHealComm 4.0

If it's already in TukUi then how do I enable it so I can see incoming heals from other healers in raid? I see my predictive incoming heal amount but not others.

LibHealComm 4.0

Other people in the raid have to have addons that use that library. It isn’t like retail where it is in blizzard automatically.
I recommend backing up your WTF folder - where your profiles for all addons, including ElvUI are stored.

My replies might be short due to time constraints. Nothing personal. (Thanks Blaze)

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