What does your TukUI look like?

Innervasion wrote:
Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:25 pm
It's a work in progress but its getting there... :)

@Innervasion Just hope you didn't do this entirely this week, because next week 8.0 patch is launch, and there is a lot of change in that 18 version. The layout got a big overhaul. However if you followed edit instruction, and did it in an external plugin addon, it should not be hard to update.
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What does your TukUI look like?

Nah I started a long time ago back in cata just did some minor stuff and tried to fix all the errors I got just to get it working for legion + get used to lua again havn't messed with that since well..cata (forgotten alot), started playing alil bit last month or so in wait for bfa, noticed that it got changed in the beta alot so ill w8 doing the rest until v18 comes out on live. It is an external edit tho.

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