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Tukui slash commands  [Accepted Answer]

as a reference:

/tukui c - tukui config menu
/tukui config - see above
/tukui test - show all unitframes
/tukui dt - start datatext module
/tukui dt reset - resets the datatexts to base values
/tukui dt resetgold - reset gold tooltip on gold datatext
/tukui move - enter move module to move available parts
/tukui reset - reset Tukui to standard config
/tukui install - start the installer
/tukui profile list = list of used profiles
/tukui profile "12" = copy and set profile 12
/tukui ..

those are the ones I can dig up...
Maximvs-Aszune, MaxUI

Tukui slash commands

It's been awhile since I did any propper editing but wasnt there a /command to get a mouseover window that gave you the name of all modules and such?

For example if i mouseover my unitframe it would show the full name of that part like, Player.Health and so on