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Addon Tutorial Video

Originally posted by Smelly

Going to start a line of video tutorials about lua programming & addon creation. Any suggestions / feedback are very welcome and at this time i am taking requests for tutorials to make :D!


In this video i go over some basic principles in which i created my sCombo addon, and some things you should focus on when developing your own addons.

In this video I go over an introduction to tables and how to create them.

Addon Tutorial Video


awesome post! to both of you.

I would suggest two things:

1.) an addon that would allow changing the cooldown text size and color possibly font as well
2.) an addon that would allow to customize the raid / party frame to look like e.g. Grid

for both i would like to have that included into a TukUI menu item e.g. Cooldown text / Advanced Raidframe

another and last suggestion about guides, it would be nice to have some documents describing how to create an own addon,
based on a skeleton template and somewhere being able to view the TukUI API.

thank you for your time and nice job!