Nameplate Colors

A week or two ago before the slew of updates, I somehow got my Arena Party Nameplates to be green. Suddenly today they are Shaman Blue, and when trying to fix that, I found that the only colors that work are the 'friendly' color. Party color doesn't change the nameplates of my party. Party PvP doesn't change the colors of my party in PvP, etc.

Everyone's nameplate is just the Friendly color. Except in Arena, where they are all shaman blue.... which is not a color selected under any category in the colors config section.

Am I missing something or does this just not work?

Nameplate Colors

Blazeflack wrote:
Sun May 05, 2019 1:42 pm
Are you referring to UnitFrames perhaps? If so, are you actually trying to configure "UnitFrames" in the config, or are you changing "NamePlate" settings?

If you are not sure then a screenshot helps.
Hey, I'm referring to NamePlates, the bars that float above players' heads. Specifically, friendly nameplates when in Arena. They show as Shaman blue regardless of class or settings, as far as I can tell. Outside of Arena, they match the settings (which should have them green, and they are as shown below).

Here's a couple screenshots with some color settings shown, along with the frames inside and outside of Arena.

Out of Arena:

Inside Arena (Notice from party frames that my teammates are a rogue and Hunter, but show blue health bars):

EDIT: Left images just as links becuase the imbed thing wasn't working.

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