[Installer help] trying to create an installer

Hi Guys,
I have been trying to get this plugin to install however I've just had no luck getting to change the settings. I have followed the instructions and looked at other people code without luck. Maybe my export has an issue, I just don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. i can the the plugin to run however, when I try to install the profile nothing happens. I did notice if I do a manual import of the plugin (Plugin export & then Plugin import) it says it has errors however, the table export export\import works.

Am I able to make the table work with the install plugin?


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[Installer help] trying to create an installer

Your first install steps seems that is pointing to fire InstallComplete function:

Code: Select all

PluginInstallFrame.Option1:SetScript("OnClick", InstallComplete)
This should be your last step.

In your second step (which should be the first), you have a typo:

Code: Select all

PluginInstallFrame.Option1:SetScript("OnClick", function() SetupLayout("Instll") end)
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[Installer help] trying to create an installer

I made the changes however still no luck. I got a debug error report. I'll go through that and see what I can find.
1x ElvUI_SticeUI\Code.lua:57: attempt to index field 'DTB2_Top Info panel' (a nil value)
[string "@ElvUI_SticeUI\Code.lua"]:57: in function <ElvUI_SticeUI\Code.lua:27>
[string "@ElvUI_SticeUI\Code.lua"]:1042: in function <ElvUI_SticeUI\Code.lua:1042>

layout = "Install"
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "attempt to index field 'DTB2_Top Info panel' (a nil value)"
E = <table> {
GetTimeInfo = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Math.lua:392
mylevel = 1
Bags = <table> {
Config_SetButtonColor = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Config.lua:666
Minimap = <table> {
HandleCommandBar = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\API.lua:196
CancelTimer = <function> defined @ElvUI\Libraries\Ace3\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:147
FormatMoney = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Math.lua:446
ExitVehicleShowFrames = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\API.lua:507
HelloKittyToggle = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\AprilFools.lua:351
Config_CreateLeftButtons = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Config.lua:785
UpdateUnitFrames = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Core.lua:880
CopyTable = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Core.lua:519
DispelClasses = <table> {
SetMoversPositions = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Movers.lua:432
ScheduleTimer = <function> defined @ElvUI\Libraries\Ace3\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:94
PriestColors = <table> {
UpdateDB = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Core.lua:847
SetupTheme = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Install.lua:167
media = <table> {
UnlocalizedClassName = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\API.lua:63
MoverNudgeOnShow = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Config.lua:203
EnableBlizzardAddOns = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Commands.lua:235
HasMoverBeenMoved = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Movers.lua:292
StaticPopupSpecial_Show = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\StaticPopups.lua:568
TogglePixelBorders = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Toolkit.lua:100
UIScale = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\PixelPerfect.lua:28
db = <table> {
FramesOverlap = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Math.lua:163
Config_CreateSeparatorLine = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Config.lua:656
resolution = "1920x1200"
SetEnabledState = <function> defined @ElvUI\Libraries\Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:424
Hook = <function> defined @ElvUI\Libraries\Ace3\AceHook-3.0\AceHook-3.0.lua:274
Options = <table> {
mult = 1
UpdateLayout = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Core.lua:898
Layout = <table> {
UnregisterPetBattleHideFrames = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\API.lua:428
role = "Caster"
DelayScriptCall = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Commands.lua:85
PluginInstaller = <table> {
PixelBestSize = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\PixelPerfect.lua:70
UnregisterEventForObject = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Core.lua:1186
initialized = true
Distributor = <table> {
MinimapWidth = 176
SendPluginVersionCheck = <function> defined @ElvUI\Libraries\LibElvUIPlugin-1.0\LibElvUIPlugin-1.0.lua:144
HiddenFrame = <unnamed> {
CalculateMoverPoints = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Movers.lua:253
ShortValueDec = "%.1f"
Media = <table> {
TagInfo = <table> {
PositionGameMenuButton = <function> defined @ElvUI\init.lua:218
ScanTooltipTextures = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\API.lua:74
charSettings = <table> {
SafeGetPoint = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Toolkit.lua:21
data = <table> {
myguid = "Player-3724-0ABFB8A7"
UIFrameFade = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Animation.lua:275
BadDispels = <table> {
TimeIndicatorColors = <table> {
TexturePath = "ElvUI\Media\Textures\"
GetZoneText = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\MapInfo.lua:146
ElvUF_Parent = ElvUF_Parent {

[Installer help] trying to create an installer

I have the plugin working however anytime I try to add customtext it errors out. Does anyone have any ideas?

Here is the error
2x ElvUI_SticeUI\Code.lua:534: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
[string "@ElvUI_SticeUI\Code.lua"]:534: in function <ElvUI_SticeUI\Code.lua:27>
[string "@ElvUI_SticeUI\Code.lua"]:852: in function <ElvUI_SticeUI\Code.lua:852>

layout = "tank"
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "PlayerName"
(*temporary) = "TOP"
(*temporary) = "attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)"
E = <table> {
GetTimeInfo = <function> defined @ElvUI\Core\Math.lua:392
mylevel = 20
Bags = <table> {

Here is the code
E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["PlayerName"]["attachTextTo"] = "Health"
E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["PlayerName"]["enable"] = true
E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["PlayerName"]["text_format"] = "[name]"
E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["PlayerName"]["yOffset"] = 0
E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["PlayerName"]["font"] = "Expressway"
E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["PlayerName"]["justifyH"] = "CENTER"
E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["PlayerName"]["fontOutline"] = "OUTLINE"
E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["PlayerName"]["xOffset"] = 0
E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["PlayerName"]["size"] = 9

Thank you :)

[Installer help] trying to create an installer

To avoid Custom Text errors during install, you have to add some checks:

Code: Select all

		if not E.db.unitframe.units.player.customTexts then E.db.unitframe.units.player.customTexts = {} end -- this checks if Player Custom Texts exist, if not, create their table
		if E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["YourCustomTextName"]  == nil then -- this checks if YourCustomTextName Custom Text exists
			E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["player"]["customTexts"]["YourCustomTextName"] = {} -- if not, create its table
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