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Action Paging Help

I am a new user of elvui, I am replacing Dominos among other addons. In Dominos, I use action paging to switch bars when holding down the shift or alt modifier. No modifier I have bars 1,2,3 visible. When holding down shift modifier I have 4,5,6 visible. When holding down alt I have 7,8,9 visible. I am having a difficult time accomplishing this in elvui. I am close I believe after looking at examples in these forums. However when someone asks for help they get pointed to here https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Macro_conditionals which is great but that isn't the exact format used in action paging and it does not show how to combine them. I also reading action paging and bar numbers do not match up. I do not see how to determine what matches to what.

Here is what I have tried:
action bar 1
action paging
[mod:shift] 4; 1 : [mod:alt] 7; 1

action bar 2
action paging
[mod:shift] 5; 2 : [mod:alt] 8; 2

action bar 3
action paging
[mod:shift] 6; 3 : [mod:alt] 9; 3

It seems to work briefly. After pressing keys, it ends up displaying the wrong bars with abilities when no modifier is pressed. This is super simple in Dominos. Any help will be appreciated.

Action Paging Help

I tried to avoid bar 2 and 6 after reading those cause issues. After logging out, though all my keybinds have moved positions.
I circled the bars 1 and 3

keybinds for bar 1 have flipped, now 1 , 2 ,3 are at the bottom and z x c at the top now. Also, bar 3 the same thing, v b space are now at the top where it was along the bottom. Why would this change upon logon logoff.