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[ElvUI] Help Me Configure My Aura Filters!

Khornettoh wrote: Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:45 pm Hi, I don't understand how to filter the aura of the main player bar. The one near the minimap. I'm able to set filters for target or player unit frame but not the main aura bar. There is no filter section I don't get it. If someone can help me, thanks in advance
That is a secure header by blizzard. There isn’t any option to filter them.

If we allowed the option to filter them, (even if you didn’t use the feature) you wouldn’t be able to right click to disable a buff.

So there is the option to right click to cancel auras, they cannot be touched.

[ElvUI] Help Me Configure My Aura Filters!

there is a way to set the raid frame to show only one debuff and the main one to pay attention for?
for example, on Shad'har myhtic i see ALL the raid with umbral mantle but i don't care because i know and instead i would like to see the big debuff icon for who is affected by debilitating spit and needs focus heals.

[ElvUI] Help Me Configure My Aura Filters!

Hi guyz, i would like to know if it is possible to have certain aura buffs to always show first regardless of the "Sort By" rule ?
Like with a priority rule before the "Sort by" rule.
I can't manage to find something to do this in Elvui.

I would appreciate some help if you can :)

[ElvUI] Help Me Configure My Aura Filters!

Hi There! I'm using ElvUI for Healing in classic WoW and it's great for most things.

I'm currently playing priest and having an issue where I can't see other player's Renews and Shields they cast.

My Shields and Renews show up as a colored square in the unit frame and I was wondering if someone could help me edit my filters so other renews and Shields would show up the same way. My Elv unit frame setting are pretty much the same as they were when I installed.


[ElvUI] Help Me Configure My Aura Filters!

Due to time constraints it is no longer possible to keep supporting this thread. The thread will remain visible, but locked.
Take a look through some of the examples. If you still need help setting up your filters after that, then either create a thread or ask on Discord.
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