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Exporting/Importing ElvUI Profiles

Exporting/Importing ElvUI Profiles

Where can I get profiles from other people?
People may have shared their profile in this forum. Please take a look: Exported Profiles
There are also a lot of exported profiles over at wago.io, and you can find a few over at the misty teahouse as well.

What can I do with it?
The export/import functionality allows you to easily share/backup your settings, or try out profiles shared by other people. Remember that time you saw a screenshot of an awesome ElvUI profile, but the player who made it didn't know how to share his profile? This will no longer be an issue. Exporting or importing settings in ElvUI will be as simple as clicking a few buttons and copy/pasting text.

How does it work?
It's quite easy and intuitive. Start by going to the "Profiles" section of the ElvUI Config, then either click the "Export Profile" or the "Import Profile" button, depending on what you want to do. The export frame is set up by default to share your profile in text format. You then just have to click the "Export Now" button and copy the text with Ctrl+C or Cmd+C. If you want to import a profile, then you simply have to paste the text into the text field on the import frame.

What can I export/import?
  • Profiles - These hold the majority of the settings in ElvUI and is generally what people want to share.
  • Private - These are character specific settings, such as the enabled/disabled state of modules or skins. You generally don't need to share these with other people, but you can use it to easily copy all settings from one character to another.
  • Global - These are account specific settings. You will probably not want to share these, but you can use it to backup your settings.
  • Aura Filters - All filters found in the "Filters" section. If a filter with the same name already exists, then it will be overwritten.
  • NamePlate Style Filters - All style filters for the NamePlates.

Which export format should I choose?
Most users will want to use the "Text" format. This turns your profile into one long string, and then compresses and encodes it. It can then be easily shared on forums or through other methods.
The "Table" format can be used to export the settings in a readable format.
The "Plugin" format is for the more advanced users. This exports the settings in a format that can be easily used for installers in external edits.