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DPS/TANK - Shadowlands
https://wago.io/LuckyUi [02-02-2021]

Healing - Shadowlands
https://wago.io/LuckyUiHeal [02-02-2021]

DPS/TANK - Classic
https://wago.io/LuckyUiClassic [23-01-2021]

Healing - Classic
https://wago.io/LuckyUiClassicHeal [23-01-2021]

LuckyoneUI Addon Download:
https://www.tukui.org/addons.php?id=154 [Shadowlands]

About the Layout:
• Imports are always up-to-date with the latest ElvUI changes
• Stance bar in the top left of the screen (mouseover)
• Menu bar in the top left of the screen (mouseover)
• Profession and mount bar on the right side of the screen (mouseover)
• Party frames centered in the middle of the screen above the player frame

• Easy to use installer Addon (Optional)
• No ugly overlaps and perfect symmetry for all frames
• Kinda minimalistic, only important informations displayed
• Clean bar of all minimap buttons below the minimap with ProjectAzilroka
• Optimized for performance, useless visuals and informations are hidden - this can increase fps compared to other layouts

Suggested Addons for this Profile:
WeakAuras [WeakAuras]
AddOnSkins [Skin other AddOns in the ElvUI style]
Shadow&Light [Extra ElvUI options and armory mode]
ProjectAzilroka [Extra ElvUI options and minimap button bar]
BigWigs Bossmods [Raid and Dungeon boss timers]
Details! Damage Meter [Real-time combat log reading, DPS/HPS meter]

Recommended UI Scale:
• ElvUI 1080p Auto-Scale 0.71111111111111

Screenshot Date:
• Retail is up-to-date as of 02-02-2021
• Classic is up-to-date as of 23-01-2021

My WeakAuras: https://wago.io/Luckyone
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LuckyoneUI Community Discord: https://discord.gg/xRY4bwA

[ElvUi] Luckyone's ElvUi Profile DPS, Tank and Healer

Hey Lucky! I love your profile. I made just a few changed to fit my playstyle. One question though, how can I disable the transparency of the chat frames? I prefer to have them w/ just a black backround. But The way I have done that before is not working by right-click the CHat tab > Settings > Backround then going to the Color Picker to black is not changing it. Is this possible to do?